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White Oak
WOOD TYPES:White Oak  

Color: The heartwood is gray to tan, while the sapwood is white. Chestnut Oak has a red appearance, but still falls in the White Oak family.

Uses: Cabinets, furniture, floors, moulding, interior and exterior doors, and boatbuilding. A versatile wood that does well both indoors and out. White Oak is a dense, strong wood that can also be steamed and bent.

Workability: Although White Oak machines well, because of its density, you will need sharp tools. While it does not "split" as much as Red Oak, it's still better to pre-drill your holes near the ends of the board. Also glues and finishes relatively easily

Plywood: Kept in stock in both ¼" and ¾" thicknesses.

Additional Info: White Oak does not come as wide as Red Oak lumber does. Sometimes, in White Oak that has been kiln dried, you will see "water marks". These are considered to be normal and occur usually as a result of the kiln drying process. Note, these marks are superficial only and will surface out.

Species Grades Stocked Thickness Stocked Average Board Footage Stocked
White Oak FAS 4/4 5/4 6/4 8/4 10/4 12/4 24,000
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