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WOOD TYPES: Hickory  

Color: Has a wide range of colors. The sapwood is white to light tan, while the heartwood is brown to almost black. Both the sapwood and the heartwood can contain "bird pecks" or small "bark pockets", which are considered to be characteristics of Hickory.

Uses: Hickory has a wide range of uses, from cabinets and furniture, to flooring, bows, and even tool handles. It is used when a "rustic" or southwest look is wanted. Hickory is a very strong, heavy wood.

Workability: Unfortunately, Hickory is one of the more difficult woods to work with. It has a tendency to "tear out" and "move". Also, in a large project, the color may be hard to match up or keep consistent. Despite these drawbacks, Hickory does have a beautiful, unique look. Glues and finishes well, too.

Plywood: Hickory ply is available and is kept in stock in both ¼" and ¾" thicknesses.

Additional Info: Pecan and Rock Elm are in the same family as Hickory and therefore, are always sold as Hickory. Very few mills separate Hickory and Pecan, as they are basically the same. Hickory's grade is a little different than other hardwoods: small knots and bird pecks are allowed. Hickory generally runs narrower than other hardwoods.

Species Grades Stocked Thickness Stocked Average Board Footage Stocked
Hickory Select & BTR 4/4 5/4 8/4 8,000
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