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Ash Wood

Color: Ash has two very different colors. The sapwood is white to creamy off white in color, while the hardwood is brown to grayish in color.

Uses: Cabinet, furniture, and building boats. Possesses a grain pattern that is almost identical to both Red and White Oak. Also has a very unique "turkey track" marking that is sometimes found randomly within the lumber (found only in the Ash species).

Workability: Strong wood with adequate bending properties. Mills fairly well with some "chip out" occurring around knots, swirls, or twists in the grain. Glues and finishes very well. Also a great wood for lathe turning

Plywood: ¼" and ¾" B-2 White Ash VC ply is kept in stock.

Additional Info: Not many wide boards are available. A slightly higher waste factor can be expected due to heartwood.

Species Grades Stocked Thickness Stocked Average Board Footage Stocked
Ash FAS 4/4 5/4 8/4 10/4 8,500
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